Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Flour & Chocolate, Morningside

the new 'it' bakery.

where // flour & chocolate, 4g/621 wynnum rd, morningside
 this unassuming patisserie has been the talk of the town since it started to serve the cronut (croissant-donut hybrids). unfortunately i missed out on them (they're now called gonuts due to copyright issues) as they only serve them on wednesdays and thursdays. on the bright side, they have $4 brownie day as well as bagels on fridays, as well as other specials on the weekend.
 when // friday afternoon

what // as i said above, friday is brownie and bagel day. i tried to show some self restraint so picked up two brownies, two bagels, a croissant and a little savoury tart for lunch.

pumpkin, spinach and feta tart (5.5) it would have been nice to have it served warm, but i was headed home anyway so popped it in the oven. generous with the feta which is a plus, but a bit light on the spinach. in any case, you can't really go wrong with this mix of flavours.

buttery biscuit brownie (4) the brownie itself was fudgy and delicious, i'm not sure that the biscuit added too much to it - i kind of just wished there was more brownie instead of the biscuit!
double choc brownie with white choc chip (4) richer and more fudgy than the first brownie. absolutely delicious. it's so rich that it's difficult to finish in one sitting - but that just means it lasted for longer.
black sesame seed and onion bagel (1.8) my first venture into the world of flavoured bagels. this was a lovely light lunch coupled with a smear of cream cheese. the onion was flavoursome without being overpowering.
caraway rock salt bagel (1.8) i suppose i should have been forewarned by the name, but i found the salt quite overpowering. it would have been better with some less salty filling.

almond & raspberry jam croissant (4.5) i didn't eat this one myself, but the person who did rated it well.
verdict // the brownies were a hit, as was the onion bagel and the tart. despite the long journey to morningside, i definitely plan to return to sample the gonuts and more of their brownies.

info // they open wed-fri 6.30-4pm, sat 6.30-1pm and sun 7-1pm. gonuts are on offer wed-thu, with brownies and bagels on friday and specialty breads on the weekend.

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